Brabus Hybrid with Protean Motors

May 10th, 2012 Uncategorized

The BRABUS project is set to be seen in public at this year’s conference of EVS26 Electric Vehicles on May 6 until May 9, 2012. All electric cars participating will be made obtainable for test-driving. Also, on the said occasion, Protean will present a paper on Plug-in Hybrid Made Easy with a catching title, “Making the Impossible, Possible-Overcoming the Design Challenges of In-Wheel Motors.” The Motor Show is slated as the biggest electric cars and vehicles show and is expected to gather the biggest Green car enthusiasts and fans.
Protean Electric is the company behind the Protean Drive, which allows great potential on fuel cost cut and great torque experience. It increases power on both old and new stocks. The in-wheel motor, which can be independently controlled, provides great performance as well as control and dynamics that no other drive system can equal.
On the other hand, BRABUS is a highly acclaimed tuning giant whose high performance job for Mercedes Benz speaks well of its credentials. The company is known for power and performance.
The team-up of these two award winning and industry leaders is seen as a fresh move to boost the sales of electric or green car. Industry research shows that one in every 20 car will be hybrid by 2015 and with BRABUS and Protean project, the number might get bigger, and the time to be sooner than expected.


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