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A car has long ago ceased to be a means of transportation from point A to point B, as the latest technologies and electronic equipment are aimed at maximizing driving experience and making every ride an enjoyable journey. Even more – right now it is hard to imagine a car without a stereo, GPS navigator, mobile phone dock station, or a parking assistance system. All of the mentioned above devices, as well as some other ones, have long ago become automotive essentials. Moreover, it is those accessories that make each car a unique and customized vehicle, fully tuned to its owner’s needs.
CARiD, an automotive online store, offers its customers the widest range of various audio and electronic devices. This leading American site works with the most reliable, most trusted brands across the entire globe, which is why you will not be able to find a low-quality item on CARiD.com, no matter how hard you try. The full list of their auto electronics and audio devices can be found here http://www.carid.com/car-audio-electronics.html. But, for starters, let’s take a look at some general info about the site and its product line.

Car Electronics & Audio

Car audio systems

Each driver has a truly unique style, different from everyone else’s driving. The same goes for music and audio preferences, so it is not surprising that every auto audio system is bought with a single purpose – to meet its owner’s musical demands. It is not always easy to find and tune that perfect sound in a car, especially when there are so many different tastes, and, consequently, opinions on the subject. Therefore, CARiD makes it a primary goal to offer prospective customers a wide choice of options when it comes to car audio installation. Here are just some of the items that can be found on their website.


The widest range of stereo systems with different sets of controls and options are available on CARiD.com website. This online store is happy to offer you greatest stereo devices from such established brands as Pioneer, Boss, Kenwood, etc. Surely, each system has an FM-radio, is CD and MP3-compatible, yet some of them offer even more functions…

Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Speakers

If you are not only a great driver but also a music enthusiast, your vehicle will not be complete without a car audio amplifier. Plus, while searching for an amplifier, you might want to check out new speakers or subwoofers.


And, of course, you

can find a vast line of smaller items, like switches, harnesses and fuses.

Car electronics

Just like it is impossible to imagine a modern auto without a stereo, it is as well difficult to imagine a car without Bluetooth accessories, anti-theft security systems, or GPS navigators. Realizing how important all of these accessories are, CARiD offers its clients a wide range of electronic equipment from the best international brands. Their impressive product line includes:

Security systems

The first basic version of a car alarm was invented in 1913 (see more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car_alarm). Since then, security systems have gone a long way – from annoying screams audible to everyone in the neighborhood to relatively quiet notifications sent to your remote starter. Since choosing a reliable alarm is of primary importance, we would recommend you to select only well-known brands with solid reputation.


If you spend a lot of time driving, a monitor, a DVD player, or a dash cam won’t hurt. Particularly popular among the cab drivers, all of these devices are available in CARiD stock.


The widest range of Bluetooth accessories, handsets and handsfree devices can help you optimize your driving experience without much damage to your pocket.

Radar detectors

Though forbidden in certain countries, these devices are simply essential for those who can really appreciate the pleasure of a quick ride.

GPS systems

If you driving a lot, and the road takes you to unknown locations, a GPS device is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Back up cameras

Parking assistance systems might be a little pricy, yet they are definitely less pricy than car repairs.

Featured Products

In addition, CARiD offers you a possibility to make the fullest use of their featured products – high quality items sold at a reduced price. The company customers have a chance to purchase automotive accessories with a generous discount; plus, certain smaller items, like switches and hoses, are often offered as a gift to a bigger purchase, which is always a nice surprise. Yet, you have to note that generally each special offer does stay valid for a long time, so if you something you like in the featured goods section you should better take it while you still can.

CARiD benefits

  • Only high quality goods
  • Vast product line
  • Plenty of trusted brands to choose from
  • Instant online order system
  • Quick delivery
  • Warranty with every order
  • Moderate price range

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