BRABUS and Protean Teamed-up for a Greener Car

May 10th, 2012 Uncategorized

With more and more companies joining hands to answer the challenge of fuel economy vehicles, BRABUS, the Tuning giant is teaming up with Protean to deliver green cars while shunning away from using V12 and V8 engines to their automobiles.

While BRABUS is looked up as a company whose focus is beyond performance, the in-wheel electric motor combined with diesel motor is offering more than 30% cut of fuel costs, which can boost its solution to the fuel efficiency challenge. However, the massive power of 110 hp and torque of 800 Nm or 590 lb-ft is what makes the project more aggressive as BRABUS is on with the challenge of incorporating its green principle to its portfolio.

On the other hand, Protean Electric claims that the technology that they have employed on the project is the best available solution and answer to what’s everybody is after. Bragging off with 30% slash from fuel cost, Protean Electric is confident that the project with BRABUS will change the tuning company‘s overall brand image with success.


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