Mercedes Benz G Class on US Shores – Truth or Myth

April 23rd, 2012 Uncategorized

Rumors surrounding the release of the Mercedes Benz G Class has now reached an almost real level when two dealers announced that it will be stocking this year a lot of the two G versions.  There are sites, which point to the fact that these two Mercedes Benz models are real and they are both destined for the North American market. The public has remained skeptic on the release of the Mercedes Benz G Class trucks because there has been no indication as to where one would be capable to buy the G63 or the G65 models. Mercedes Benz based in New Orleans has kept mum about it stating only that their dealers will sell a wide array of innovated Smart models and Mercedes, and at the same time with used cars.
A spokesman for USA Mercedes Benz was even astonished when he heard of the information released by two of their dealers regarding the distribution of the new G model trucks, yet he never denied nor confirmed the reports. However, he actually pointed out the Mercedes Benz AMG selection will increase up to sixteen models towards the ending months of this year and a new one will be added towards the 1st three or four months of 2013. By computation, there might be truth to no less than one of the Benz truck models reaching the American shores. For the C63 model, we have already counted the sedan, coupe, and the Black Series, E 63 has the sedan and the wagon, the SLS AMG consists of the roadster and the coupe and we have all in all 15 cars accounted for.  Perhaps there really is truth for at least one of the AMG-set G-Class Mercedes Benz models, which was mentioned by the dealers.
With stricter rules on gas emissions and fuel economy, it is safe to assume that the G63 is the model that will land on American soil, not the G65. Emissions and CAFÉ requirements would leave the G65 failing and the G63 passing with flying colors, hence, the safest bet would be the latter. The G65 model may be released in countries where people are generally wealthier and the government has bigger fuel reserves ready to be tapped.
In the end, the entire news release see-saw may just be a strategy to get the New Orleans Mercedes Benz plant on the news and in the car manufacturing world map. If that was the plan, it was executed successfully.


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