MASONRY Boosts Lamborghini Aventador

July 4th, 2012 Uncategorized

The expansion was created to provide a stable air movement on the axles that maximize the integral channels when it comes to directing more air into the break and drive unit systems. With the diffuser installed to stabilize high speed rear, the back wing supplies contact pressure with the back axle. MASONRY goes with a sleek wheel-tire combination to compliment the paper light rims and adds carbon fiber inlays.  The engine and roof covers are also replaced with carbon fiber to finish the look.
When it comes to the interior customization, MASONRY doesn’t disappoint with an opulent selection of high-grade materials that complement the exterior modifications. Specially treated leather is used for the seating and dashboard, providing a remarkably soft feel but is sturdy and extremely durable. Ergonomic aluminum pedals are installed to reinforce the sporty theme as well as carbon fiber elements that finish off the interior with class and elegance.
MASONRY takes their design a step further by providing optimized engine use technology and an ultra-performance exhaust system that provide a better engine power and heightened acceleration levels. With the cylinder accelerate the modified model now has a higher top speed compared to the standard make.
The MASONRY Design & Holding has been known for its internal tuning accessories and customization systems but do not sell their designs as a true automotive model. The company is clear about their branding as a tuning and car optimization specialist.


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