MASONRY boosts Lamborghini Aventador

July 4th, 2012 Uncategorized

With 20 years of

impeccable reputation and a stellar record of creating high grade luxury super sports vehicles, car manufacturer and tuning specialist MASONRY Design and Holding GmbH is set to embark on another milestone by merging luxury with supersonic speed. With the creative leadership of Kourosh Masonry, the company will develop their customization plans for the super-sports car – Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. MASONRY is set to showcase their tuning developments at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show this year.
MASONRY taps into the cars lavish use of ultralight and durable carbon fiber. MASONRY has clearly stuck to its formula of excellent quality finishing with its aerodynamic design and impeccable pre-autoclave on the automobile.
MASONRY goes for a rugged and futuristic look with its striking apron and optimized air inlet that provided improved aeration for the front cooler. MASONRY combined the front lip with daytime driving lighting system that is of proprietary design, with the front wing and bonnet replaced with customized versions too. The side of the car is extended by 40 MM on its frontage axle whereas 50 on its back axle. MASONRY has also fitted custom-design side sills to complete an aggressive look.


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