AMS Brings a Brilliant Tuning Package to Nissan GTR.1

June 18th, 2012 Uncategorized

One of the hottest and trending tuning packages this month is the long-awaited Nissan GTR 12.  This package is brought to us by AMS, a famous car repair and service company. The tuning package is intended to place in action in October at the Texas Mile event. The goal is to have the Nissan GTR reach the speed of 216.9 miles per hour. The amazing AMG Alpha Omega GT-R is one of the freshest packages for tuning that is capable of drawing 1,602 HP and a torque of 1,152 lb-ft.

The AMS 12 GTR package provides an improved acceleration along with its maximum speed without compromising its mild mode that can be beneficial for your everyday use. AMG formulated the package 12 Alpha to turn the Nissan GTR the fastest legal car that exists today. The credit must be given to the AMS Turbo System. The said system is competent of bringing a whopping 1,500 horsepower added by a couple of AMS complete Alpha series components which shaped the AMS turn-key answer to carry a more powerful performance as well as more advanced execution. Upon the existence of Alpha 12 package, it clears the issue of the costs of driving- the driver will have a better control of the performance once the Nissan GTR gets tuned. There is no speed limit, more effective execution, thus, more satisfying speed results. Rest assured, whether you like to run the vehicle on a mild manner or turn it as a super car, you are free to do so. Aside from the performance, its over-all exterior is boasting that given its speed capability, it will still remain as a street car- a legal one.


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