E-coupé Tuned Cars by Brabus.2

June 5th, 2012 Uncategorized

Are you ready for the demands of using a sport car? The Mercedes E-coupé / cabriolet base tuned car has a sports suspension, which includes electronic alignment, and Brabus sports springs. Truly, it is made to stand the abuse of using sport cars. When we speak of its brake system, Brabus is giving you its high-performance brake system version I and II that is best when combined to their 18” to 20” wheels.

The complete interior appointments with the aluminum trim sets especially designed for gearshift levers, pedal pads, and entrance panels, truly sets its elegance above others in the industry.

For the engine performance, Brabus’ performance kits for the car’s gasoline engine can produce 500 horsepower with 720 Nm of torque. In the case of the models that are powered by diesel, Brabus has also performance kits that increase the original horsepower and torque.

In over-all, the E-coupé / Cabriolet base Tuned car by Brabus is one of the modified Mercedes-Benz cars that should be on your list. Don’t let yourself suffer the consequences of having common car performance and design for years. Instead, bring another life to your Mercedes-Benz and you will never regret its uniqueness and quality.


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