Don’t Miss Out the Video of Ringbrother at Petrolicious That is Amazing

December 25th, 2013 Uncategorized


Here is the great news which has recently come up for the coming SEMA show. The Ring brother have been known for showing their best art in the SEMA every year and the best part is they are going to showcase some of their amazing concepts this season as well.  Previously they had showcased 1966 Mustang race car along with the Mustang car called Dragon of the year 1970 which got pretty good response. Now you will be amazed to see some of the great glimpse of the 1965 Mustang Fastback car called “Producer” along with the car of 1964 Ford Fairlane dubbed “Afterburner.
Know more about the Cars
The Ring brothers have always manager to maintain a good reputation and has introduced amazing concepts that will certainly tempt you to but such amazing car. Generally most of the car produced by them are the award winning ones and are known for the performance and styles. It seems that you will get to see some of the glimpse of these concepts at Petrolicious where a well-crafted mini-documentary with regards to this is made. Both these cars are known for the amazing interiors. Comfort spacing and of course good speed and use if latest technology as well.
Some of the other features of Mustang Fastback nicknamed the “Producer are:
Baer brakes
V8 built by Keith Craft
Edelbrock Super Victor 4 barrel intake
Orgeline 3-piece 18-inch wheels
Tremec T56 6-speed transmission
Chromoly roll cage
740 horsepower from the 351/427 strocker
Holley 75 HP carburetor
Why would anybody want to miss put watching these amazing car concepts which would be displayed here soon. So gear up yourself and wait for this amazing car concepts which will be launching soon in this coming SEMA. Stay in touch with Petrolicious for more information and details about the launching of the car and don’t miss out at all.


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