The New Mercedes SLS Roadster Supersports GT/R from Kicherer

February 24th, 2012 Uncategorized

The Mercedes SLS/AMG Roadster has taken on a brand new look that was set to captivate even the most selective taste of sports car enthusiast. Modified to perfection by a prestigious tuning house Kicherer, the vehicle has shed its old self and evolved to a whole new SLS Roadster Supersports GT/R. 

Since the tuner’s viewpoint is to complement the basic shape of the Mercedes AMG and not to totally alter the fundamentals, every addition was made to create a cooler, more improved version without going overboard. Take for example the side skirts, the spoilers and the GT front grill that was specially fashioned for sleeker, sportier look. These additions including the smooth fins that were designed to be attached to the wings and to the bonnets further improve and enhance performance and aerodynamics of the Roadster Supersports.

Mechanically speaking, the Roadster Supersports has been tuned with a stainless exhaust system and a sportier air filter system; both were designed to boost the engine’s power yield making it run from 571 to 630 horsepower. For additional power boost there’s an option for additional exhaust manifold and sports catalysor for extra acceleration. These 2nd level performance accessories would give extra power to the roadster of speed up to 320 kph.

More attention will be drawn to the 20 inches lightweight RS1 double spoke wheels that were put to rev up performance and completely complement the basic outline of this Mercedes sports car.  There is also a coil-over suspension that features a front-up system so that riders can easily opt to raise the front of their cars in times of need especially when driving on a road laced with bumps, humps and other inroad obstacles. The rear side of Mercedes SLS Roadster Supersports has an exhaust made from stainless steel; this includes 4 pressure controlled end pipes in oval shape that sends exhaust fumes outside. Also, the driver can by any occasion choose between discreet and booming tones by using the built-in valve control.

Mercedes SLS Roadster is not the first sports car that was tuned and modified by Kicherer, being one of the best in the world of fine tuning the company has had its fair share of fame and success since time immemorial. Their wide selection of performance parts, aluminum rims, and exterior and interior accessories were carefully made and perfected by their professional workers to deliver greatness and individuality making one good car, better, sleeker and sportier.


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