The Future of Mercedes-AMG

February 27th, 2012 Uncategorized

The struggle among car producers is never ending, each one wanted to emerge victorious, and each one wanted to become the best among the rest of the car companies in the world.

To beat the competition both AMG and the Mercedes itself are focusing towards the development of next generation engines that could rival other popular sports car companies; the team are both working on producing high quality chassis in lightweight aluminum finish to create high performance vehicles that could surpass all the existing models.
Mercedes, in the near future, will exercise the sharing of platforms on all its segments, the components will likewise be shared across all divisions to facilitate the reduction in the numbers of platforms that they are currently using. When this plan gets in motion only 3 platforms will be used – the platform for SUV, the one for rear-wheel drive vehicles, and the platform that will be used for front-wheel drive vehicles.
AMG is also working on the development of the 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with 340 hp output for the A-Class hatchback, this new engine will also be applied to both the CLC and GLC classes or the luxury coupe and the sports utility vehicles (SUVs). In the future AMG also planned to work on 4.0L engines and the more powerful 6.0 liter engines.
After the new roadster was shown on December 2011, reports said that it will be on sale this coming April, an AMG modified version of this Mercedes SL is also said to be on queue. As always 2 variants of engine will be available – the more powerful SL 65 that generates an output of 625 horsepower with its V12 engine and the equally capable but lesser powered SL 63 in V8 engine with only 571 horsepower output. 
AMG and Mercedes fans will definitely have their hands full when the contemporary Gullwing variants of the Mercedes coupe hit the market, the Black-Series SLS in lighter, more powerful form is also said to be released sooner along with the modern day roadster (SL-Class). Mercedes also guarantees the release of the new generation Mercedes SLS AMG series in 2014, the series which is planned to be the best for that year will feature a powerful 6.2L V8 engine that could provide an output of 650hp. The design will also be reengineered, using the company’s best technology, in order to produce the lightest possible coupe series for that year.
AMG is known in the car industry as the manufacturer of high-performance luxury series of Mercedes. An AMG produced series is usually the most expensive on the Mercedes line but despite its status the company is working harder to put itself in the limelight as a manufacturer of top of the line sports vehicles not only on its current location but throughout the world as well.


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