Range Rover 4×4 Hails its Launch with Great Excitement

August 8th, 2013 Uncategorized

The all new Range Rover 4×4 has been honored by many car magazines as the top car for luxury features. This fourth generation car has all the merits of the luxury limos. The car has all the features that can be thought in a luxury car. Though the car is highly luxurious the people do not miss the fun that they want when they are driving the car off the road. 

What makes the car a drivers delight?

The driving chair allows the driver to rest his arms. This makes the traveling space of the car great.
The car has a four wheel drive system that is high tech in nature. Thus the person gets great sense of security and is able to travel long distances without worrying.
The Range Rover has become a landmark vehicle for the luxury cars that are available in the market. According to the brand director of the company no compromise has been made with the engineering of the car. Great care has been taken to preserve the 4×4 capabilities of the car.
The car has been given a modern and yet cleans design. The materials that have been used in both the interior and exterior parts of the car are of high quality. Advanced technologies have been used to build the interior of the car.
There is also provision to connect mobile phones.
The four-zone climate control system of the car adds to the comfort of the passengers and makes riding a joy.

Appreciations of the car

The car has been able to open its new year 2013 in the same manner it closed in 2012. Wining the heart of the people has been a problem for this car. It has been also able to win some major awards. What Car has crowned it the title of the Luxury Car of the year. The Editor-in-Chief of this highly reputed cars magazine was engrossed in praising the car throughout the award ceremony.


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