Pininfarina’s New Strategy to Move Forward

September 26th, 2013 Uncategorized

One of the popular Italian car designing firms called Pininfarina is again into news. This firm is known for designing some of the popular concepts that are still into demand in all over the world. The firm was founded by Battista “Pinin” Farina since then; it has been designing not only car but also other transportation facilities. The firm is known for graphic design, industrial design, interior deigns and architecture plans.
More about Pininfarina
In recent times, recession has hit many countries all across the world that also included Europe as one of the target which still in the recovery phase. Pininfarina is one of the popular auto makes that has made impossible to convert the small production into a large development and thus has contributed to improve the economy in Europe on a large scale.
Other transportation facilities designed by Pininfarina:
Rolling stocks
Private Jets
People movers
What made Pininfarina into Trouble?
Pininfarina has faced many setbacks as the economy of the Europe started getting worst. It has to sell large share of its business to the creditors to ensure that loss gets received. Along with this, other models like Volkswagen and Fiat ended up with overtaking some of its popular models like Bertone, Karmann, and Giugiaro which were once the world wide famous concepts that were ever launched. Due to such issues, the company also tried its luck on other business and thus tried to adjust the cost in exchange of huge revenue that was being earned. Looking at the worst scenario which the firm is facing, some of its reliable partners like Ferrari and Maserati have also started working on car design work in-house itself.
However, looking at the global economy getting into receiving phase, Pininfarina is hoping for the best too. The firm is trying its best to go back to its roots and create some of the new concepts.


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