New Generation Concept Cars Offer The Thrills Of A Superb Driving Experience While Being Responsible Towards The Environment

February 25th, 2013 Uncategorized

The McLaren P1 Hyper Car Concept – Every Auto Tuners Dream

 The McLaren P1 hyper car had always promised to be innovative. However, no one was quite ready for the baffling display of the extraterrestrial looking machine. The concept boasts of some mind boggling technology which will help provide a great diving experience along with being environmentally friendly. The magic machine will be able to produce an output of about 700 horsepower and can run on both electric and gasoline in unison to create a super fast hyper car. Another wonder is that the P1 is expected to feature the 916 PS. However, this is not the end of things. The car also features a twin turbo charged 3.8 liter V8 engine which is an upgraded version of the M838T found on the McLaren MP4 – 12C. Another engineering marvel is that the combined 916 PS can be produced while releasing just about 200 g/km in the atmosphere.

The wonder car is not just about its engine and motors. It will also feature an IPAS which provides an instant 179 PS of power when its button is pushed on the steering wheel. This helps in rapid acceleration. The car also sports a brand new DRS which reduces the drag by as much as 23%. Official speculations show that this wonder car should be released at the Geneva Motor Show which is supposed to take place in March. 

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