New Generation Concept Cars Offer The Thrills Of A Superb Driving Experience While Being Responsible Towards The Environment

March 4th, 2013 Uncategorized

Tweak Your Merc Into A Dream Machine\"\"


A Mercedez Benz C63 AMG is one of the most common cars to be tuned. This C class vehicle can be turned into a major head turner with just a few modifications and the introduction of sleeker and sexier body parts. A few things one might want to add to the car are wider fenders, wider rear bumpers, side skirts, lip spoilers and a few vents in the hood. Adding a few alloy rims complete with high performance tires and spacers are also extremely beneficial in the long run. What’s more is that all this can be achieved in just about $10300.\"\"


What Other Ideas Do You Have For The Mercedez Benz C63 AMG


The Mercedez C63 AMG is considered to be one of the top models in the C Class when it comes to performance. However, numerous auto enthusiasts are still left with wanting for more after riding the machine. These individuals could benefit a great deal by getting a supercharger  which includes custom exhausts  system and sport catalysts installed. This system helps increase the performance of the car from a meager 480 horsepower to a massive 650 horsepower with a torque of 750 NM. However, a few changes need to be made to the installations as well to support this extra power. One can install a KW Club sport suspension kit along with high performance tires to optimize their vehicle. The entire package would cost just about $35000. 



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