Mustang Carbon Fiber Body is Again Introduced by Ringbrothers

December 12th, 2013 Uncategorized

Though the technology has advanced so much, but it seems that some of the great old models are still holding good position in the market even today. Though their production has been stopped but their features are in great demand. One such fine example is the Ring Brothers 1965 Ford Mustang fastback. The car is known for the carbon body which certainly would make your taste even better.
Ringbrothers’ carbon body car is right choice for the users who prefer the complete package with all best features. This car was designed in the year 1965-66 and managed to stay in the market for quite a long time. Now the video has been launched by Ringbrothers for all the new users with regards to the car and make them aware of how the car was so popular. You can also have a look at its video and gallery in internet.
About the Ford Mustang
Manufactured by the automobile Ford Motor Company, Mustang is the finest example of good use of technology and model design. His car is known for its quite heavy and large weight and the model which was sold in the year 1965 and after than got different platforms of designs. It is one of the popular cars that has been launched in the market so far and is said to be the original pony car with so many changes and developments which took place. The car was also considered as the automaker’s choice and the best compact model that has been even launched.
Features that you must know
It was upgraded to V8 engine from 260 cu to 289 cu
It comes with six-cylinder
Falcon engine
HRE wheels
Front coilover suspension
Unique back-up lights
Alternators for generators replacements
Horn ring with a Ford Logo
With so many amazing features and good styling, it is obvious that this car is the finest example of the technology invention which has been even launched in the market. Certainly, with so much performance packed addition, these Ring brothers 1965-66 Mustang model when it was launched with carbon fiber body actually gained lot of popularity and is still in news.


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