2014 New Mercedes S-Class – A Collection of Technological Innovations

June 21st, 2013 Uncategorized

Mercedes Benz is a name famous in the world of luxurious cars, buses, trucks and coaches. It is an international brand which people want to have. Its cars are famous all over the world which gives a feeling of style, joy and happiness while driving. The company continuously launches its luxurious cars for the new generation. From its many cars the newly launched car is 2014 New Mercedes Benz S-Class.
Take a look
With the advancement in technology the new Mercedes S- Class consists of a ‘Distronic Plus’ steering assistance system that gives a feeling of driving pleasure. Its great features involve the lane guidance capability which automatically locks on the dotted white lane markings. It helps to reduce the accidents by maintaining the distance from other cars with the braking system that sometimes gives a complete halt to a car or stops at the traffic.
Its Showy Features:
One of the biggest advantage of having S class is that the whole system of the car will switch off in 15 seconds in case of not holding the steering properly after warning the driver for 10 seconds.  Its headlights are built up of large LEDs.
It consists of automated driving with cameras.
The horse power of this car is 455.

This model is becoming very popular among car lovers. So, you can buy and experience the innovation and exotic creation in 2014 Mercedes S- Class. You see the fantastic and great use of technology in this S- Class Mercedes Benz.


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