Mercedes CLS Brabus Rocket 800

January 25th, 2012 Uncategorized

Brabus, being known as one of Mercedes Benz’ in-house tuners needed no reasons to seize just to amaze the people around. In fact, they always make it a point to do all the best that they can to give challenges to their auto engineers in outdoing themselves. As of the moment, Brabus has again proven to the world that it has again made it possible to engineer and create one of the world’s fastest and speedy street legal sedans. This new creation is called the Mercedes CLS Brabus Rocket 800 which makes use of the platform CLS and comes with an increased power which is 50 Hp more. Compared to the previous fastest pride of Mercedes which is the SV12R, Brabus Rocket 800 is definitely better. 

Burning the rubbers on the rear wheels, Brabus 800 comes with a twelve cylinder which was actually converted to handle the 800 horse power which is being put out by Turbo engine V12 Bi. To be able to achieve the high power Hp output, Mercedes 600 engine displacement has been made to bump from 5.5 liters to 6.3 liters. With this regard, this has also made it possible for the torque to get bumped to 811 pound feet of torque.

Having a fast and speedy ride is useless without the capability to handle the car speed. To help you reach the maximum speed which is 230 miles per hour, the exterior part of the car has been subjected for tremendous changes. Refine of the exteriors has included the following: wheel arches that have been widened, large intakes of air, a rear wing, and rear diffuser.

As for the interior of the Brabus 800, everyone will surely get delighted with the all-grey interior made from leather with a glossy finished black and well-polished piano wood. The steering wheel comes with shift paddles made of aluminum, foot rest, and pedal that greatly welcome the owner or the driver.

The driver of the Brabus 800 will always be reminded of the beast that lurks in the engine because of the Rocket 800 logos that are scattered all throughout the car’s interior.

With all these refinements and power adjustments of the Brabus 800, this amazing car launches zero to sixty miles per hour in 3.4 secs to the maximum speed of 230 miles per hour. Many car owners simply take notice of the Brabus 800 simply because this car is worth looking for.


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