Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG, Price Announced

February 15th, 2012 Uncategorized

As of February 02, 2012, Mercedes Benz has announced the price of the Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG. According to MB, price of this particular Mercedes Benz model starts at $95,865 and is expected to be in different dealerships anytime next month. The ML63 AMG is MB’s performance version of the model known as the M-Class. Along with the announced price offer, ML63 AMG also includes $875 for the car’s destination charge.

According to some car enthusiasts, the price of the ML63 AMG is quite high it can already buy you a midsize SUV luxury car that comes with a stop-start technology and a 518 horse power to play with.

The ML63 packs MB’s twin turbo which is 5.5 liters V-8 and produces 518 horse power 516 pound feet of torque. This specific number is by way 15 horse power and 44 pound feet of torque higher compared to the MBs previous model. Mercedes Benz also declared that the ML63 AMG is lighter by 99 pounds compared to the previous model.

In addition, the performance package of AMG and its output has jumped to 550 horse power and 560 pound feet. This is due to the increased boost which is from 14.5 psi to a high of 18.9 psi.
MB also said that the ML63 AMG can run 0 to 60 in not more than 4.7 seconds. The one with the AMG package comes running in 60 miles per hour, ten times faster at only 4.6 seconds.

Although the speed difference is slight, the one that comes with the AMG package is said to be better than the standard model. However, Mercedes Benz said that they see to it that both of the models achieve similar 16 mpg combined that is manufacturer estimated.

The Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG is a high-standard beach equipment that includes stainless steel from AMG that are illuminated. These stainless steels are for the car’s door sill guards. The sports pedal of the car is also made from brushed AMG stainless steel. The front seats of the car come with a ten way heated and ventilated adjustment. It also comes with a power lift gate and an ambient lighting that comes with different colors.

This car model is also inspired by MB’s COMAND, an infotainment system that also comes with a navigation system that is hard drive-based, a seven-inch monitor, a central knob, a Kardon/Harman surround system, a high definition radio, USB port, and is Bluetooth Streaming-capable.


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