Hottest New Car Accessories

January 18th, 2012 Uncategorized

Well-known tuning companies like Mansory, Brabus and AMG are famous for handling and enhancing car performance and appearance. The fuzz of car accessories continuous to sizzle as more and more car parts and accessories are introduced and the hottest add-ons are invented to make your car look great.  Clever tech is capable of showcasing future’s interior outlook, and for this reason, the latest car gadgets are made. The line of car infotainment and other latest smart phone made its way in integrating technology to the car like 3D graphics, gesture control and Street View. Several models of car like Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Ford and Audi, had already showcased their perspective and vision to the next advance generation in the high tech world like this week’s Electronic Show hosted in Vegas that features customizable dashboards and other gesture control mechanisms.

Looking at the Detroit event motor show, this is by way considered as the world’s biggest electronic show continues to become the hotbed of automotive in which car makers unveiled the latest invention and technology to about three thousand one hundred exhibitors. The CEA (Consumer Electronic Association) based in US predicts the sales of technology that are factory-installed that will increase gradually up to sixteen percent this year. The research conducted showed about fifteen percent of car owners that has entertainment and communication system install would greatly benefit from the added accessory.


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