DangerousChunky – The Art Of Car Tuning

December 13th, 2011 Uncategorized


Automotive tuning as well as styling has now become not just a hobby for the limited group of car romantics but a great industry that contains manufacturers of vehicles, car accessories, automotive tools and hardware, car events – all kind of events like motor shows and competitions and surely car fans that are passionate about the art of automotive customize. Cars are modified in order to improve their performance, handling, looks and improve the owner’s driving style. In spite of the general aim to make you ride awesome, tuning and styling has different directions.


Car tuning means obtaining maximum performance from your vehicle. No matter if you own an exotic or just stockcar, with certain automotive tuning tips and parts, you can not only increase the performance of your vehicle easily, but also make it more attractive for others and force it much more fun to drive. As most cars have the factory set up for average conditions and driver expectations, tuning has become a way to personalize the characteristics of the vehicle to the owner’s preference. When tuning cars, you will need at the minimum to make slight adjustments to your existing car and preferably supply your ride with high tech, high performance car accessories. If you are looking forward to adding more power, then you should not jump to the conclusion that the fitting exhausts and induction kits are the only available solution. In fact, they are a great solution, but you need much more than that, such as new and optimized brakes, plus suspension. Car tuners usually install new turbochargers, modify the car’s engine cooling unit, replace the air filters but they could also install a more powerful engine on the cars they modify. Advanced suspension system helps to improve car’s traction. All these modifications help improve car performance and also help improve stability.


Car styling covers everything related with your ride appearance. Sometimes such modifications may also influence car’s performance. One of the styling maintenance includes changing the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle via body kits. Such styling kits usually include front and rear bumpers, side skirts, adding spoilers, splitters, fender vents and light weight wheels. Sometimes this is done to upgrade the performance of a vehicle or to lighten the vehicle through replacing body accessories such as hoods and rear view mirrors with components made from lighter composites such as CRFP. A custom car audio installation can involve anything from the upgrade of the radio to a full-blown customization of a car based around its audio equipment. The rule that you get what you pay for will also apply to your styling projects. So the more you spend the more complete the transformation will be – with the ultimate aim of creating a truly unique car. One of the main styling trends is faced towards blending of body kits and other car styling accessories with an existing design philosophy of the OEM factory built car. The aerodynamics of the add-on accessories are improved by subtle changes in angles and forms of the components. With computational aerodynamic making testing cheaper and better further advances in aerodynamics can be expected.


Besides the trends in tuning and styling there are constant new developments of the materials and characteristics. Nowadays, varieties of car accessories are available in the market for customization and personalization. Though the general advantage is not very large the refinements add up a definite trend. The components are getting stronger, lighter, less expensive, more durable and also more environmentally friendly. This car tuning is intended to assist you deciding which mods to perform and gives you a realistic opinion of what the car will end up like and gives a common sense to avoid common mistakes. With this in mind you need to target practical tuning mods that will cope with everyday driving and maintain reliability but also help you to get the maximum enjoyment from your car. Some countries even have certain requirements that have to be met when it comes to the modification of a car and exceeding that limit will be illegal and the driver will face certain consequences. Most of these rules are to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. Best of all, tune-ups can be done on your own, saving you the high cost of labor.


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