Ford Now Introduces the Ninth and the Tenth Custom Transit Soon at SEMA

November 26th, 2013 Uncategorized

SEMA is one of the popular ways to display the top most cars that you can ever imagine. The car displayed here belongs to some of the best luxurious ones which you may not find anywhere else. The great news has now come up that even Ford is now entering this race. With so many teasers for its show car, the company has already started promoting their brand with full swing.
What makes for so popular?
Its high suspension
Easy to drive comfort
Amazing speed
Good technology
Fuel efficiency.
Not only this, as the technology has been showing improvement, the company has been gaining more popularity. After introducing Fiesta and Mustang, you can now expect its new intentions which are based on the redesigned 2014 Transit Connect van.
Some great features to look at:
The best thing about this new model is you can customize it as the way you want to. It has similar slammed stance with so many amazing colors to make your choice from. Not only this, you would be amazed to see that the car has all new advanced technologies which makes the driving more easy and bit faster too. Looking at the teaser which the company has been releasing it seems, the car is going be the blast intention of the year.
Stay tuned for what next with the Ford. Rumors are coming up that the car is promising to launch the tenth Transit Connect for SEMA too. So stay tuned. Hope that all the new series of the Ford keep up their name and bring some of the best models that would be mastermind and fund to enjoy too. It is said to be more popular amazing the business owners.
Don’t miss out the best of the SEMA show and watch out the Fords ninth release on the ramp sooner. Pick up the best of the color and book it of you like it too!


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