The Ferrari 458 with $1 Million Vossen Wheels Clever Marketing

July 25th, 2013 Uncategorized

Ferrari, one of the foremost automobile companies has once again made it clear that they are the best. It is a name famous and international brand in the world of luxurious cars which people wish to have. These cars are actually famous all over the world that offers complete feeling of style, happiness as well as joy while driving. Customization can be also done by those car lovers who really want to modify their car that matches the modern style & thoughts and also give their car a unique touch.

With the advancement in technology, the new Ferrari 458 consists of 21″ Precision Series Concave wheels at front and 22-inchers at the rear.2011-ferrari-458

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a mid-engine sports car which is made by the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari.  It is powered by 4.5 L (270 cu in) V8 engine which is developed from shared Ferrari/Maserati design that produces 570 PS at 9000 RPM and 540 N·m at 6000 RPM with 80% torque available at 3250 RPM.

Its exterior styling as well as different features was specifically designed for aerodynamic efficiency which constructs down force of 140kg at 124 miles per hour.

This Ferrari 458 Italia comes with $20,000 Novitec and Capristo carbon fiber body kit which is owned by Vossen Wheels. The all new steering assistance system provides car drivers with a great feeling of driving pleasure.

This braking system comes with ABS technology which decreases 100–0 km/h (62-0 mph) braking distance to 32.5 metres (107 ft).

Now, the boots for these rims are Pirelli`s and the cabin gets carbon fibre makeover. In this unique & new model, everything from race seats, steering wheel to bumper flaps are made from lightweight & precious material.

Now, the unique Ferrari 458 helps to decrease accidents by simply maintaining enough distance from other cars with unique braking system. This vehicle can be easily turned into major head turner with a few modifications as well as introduction of sleeker & sexier body parts. This concept simply boasts unique mind boggling technology that helps you to achieve amazing driving experience along with being environmentally friendly.


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