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January 30th, 2012 Uncategorized

Still can’t find Mercedes’ limited edition on fine car tune-ups? We got it here for you! Featuring the season of car modifications of RS and AMG. For Mercedes fans, you will be amazed what these limited edition cars can offer for your garage.

Weistec Engineering presents the latest Mercedes SLS under the AMG car tuning merchant.  When Weistec Engineering designs are mentioned in automobile mechanics, cars enthusiast feel the delight of their prestigious creative work. Harnessing their way to Mercedes SLS-class, the sleek reveals its very first victorious horsepower that enhance the modification of Weistec project.

Speaking of tubes, the vehicle is being installed with a high-flow cast T6 tubes made from aluminum. The compressor comprises of a 2.3 liters Twin Screws that blast its system more than you could ever imagine. Expect the spark plugs to brisk when you know that the gas release system has been improved than any other SLS series. In addition to the horsepower upgrader, a liquid to air 1000 unit is affixed with strangle body coves and lower manifold.

Familiar to the cog drive system? The series introduce another delta pressure called the CMDP (Constant Mu, Delta Pressure) to the variation. With 30 liters of water pump intercooler, recovery tank intercooler, high-flow fuel rail system, heat exchanger and silicone couplers furnishes the system. Aluminum cog drive cradle assembly includes a new cog and drive belt as well as serpentine idlers. For the final asset, car tuning has to refine this reserved power-steering replacement assembly.

To add everything up, engineers of Weistec prove to increase the torque of 479 lb/ft to 664 lb/ft making their headlines noticeable.

If you are still not convince with Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach (AMG), what about tuning in for some Carlsson luxury cars. The series of CK63 RS has picture the concept of Santa riding its sleigh. However, the spirit of Christmas for the design has made it the German way, intensifying the sleigh to set those wheels intact and a velvet red exterior.

Though Carlsson may be the little Santa, he will outstandingly surprise the boys with this big toy. To begin with, car tuning of CK63 RS features a 652 horsepower and 663 lb/ft of torque from their previous specs of 557 hp and 590 lb/ft respectively. The dynamics of spoiler expands to three categories: new spoiler lip, trunk lid and carbon fiber front type. Of course, for the wheels, CK63 RS irresistibly never leave the sleigh unfinished without the 20 inches Carlsson 1/10 Brilliant Edition alloy wheels.

For the finale, Carlsson have painted the exteriors with a Diamond White Metallic texture. For the interior trim, the leather is matched to red, which indulge the Christmas season of joy.


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