Europe Has Now Become One Of The Hot Spots In The World For Car Tuning

March 18th, 2013 Uncategorized

Despite the functions and features pre installed by car makers, there are numerous aspects which users want to modify in order to get the car of their dreams. The most popular tuning work takes place on the body, the performance, the engine, the wheels and the suspension systems.

The Latest Wheels From Sportec And Hamann Set The Roads BurningBMW M Models

Sportec, a swiss based tuner, has come up with a 19 inch forged alloy wheel which has been specifically designed for the BMW 1 series, BMW M Models and BMW 3 series. These wheels go a long way in reducing the car weight, increasing the fuel economy and consumption and enhance comfort. Moreover these car wheels are available in 3 different colors and start at about 1320 €. Hamann, another well known BMW tuner, has also come up with a beautiful designer wheel in order to not be left behind. This wheel features a central locking system and is called the Unique Forged Formula. Its main highlight is the hub cap in this central locking mechanism. Other important features include usage of specially crafted aluminium alloys to help make an extremely light rim. The prices for this wheel start from 1750 €.

The Modified Alfa Romeo Zagato Roadster From Vilner

Vilner, one of the most popular Bulgarian tuners have finally disclosed their plans for the tuning and the recreation of the Alfa Romeo Zagato Roadster which was produced from 1992 – 1994. The biggest change is in the chassis, engine and the exhaust systems. The engine covers also remind one of the Ferrari due to their red bullish paint. Vilner has also made a completely new hood along with brand new interiors for the Roadster. New floor mats, dashboard, leather seats, central consoles, door panels and transmissions have been set up and sport wheels have also been added. Such has been the quality of the tuning job from Vilner, that the demand for modified Roadsters have risen overnight.



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