Brabus Mercedes Benz S-Class: Transforming Luxury Sedan in to a Mobile Office

February 13th, 2012 Uncategorized

Apple fanatics will be delighted to know that their favorite iPad 2 can now custom-fit the Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan using a newly developed technology called the Brabus iBusiness 2.0.  Brabus, the leader in high performance tuning has developed this multimedia system so that businessmen and professionals can literally move their office and conduct business on wheels.

This multimedia enhancement can put together up to 2 iPad units into the back compartment using the custom fit tabletop which is covered by the luxurious leather similar to its interior. The table has a nook that holds the iPad and its keyboard that can either be placed horizontally or vertically. A very small computer called the Mini Mac is located inside the trunk and serves as the central workstation where the iPad 2 connects via Wifi. Using this iBusiness 2.0 technology, the iPad 2 can control all the entertainment activity inside the sedan, its fully integrated system can be used to also control the command function including the navigation system, the telephone and the radio of the Mercedes S-Class directly from the back seat. With the iPad 2 camera feature and its high speed internet connectivity it’s now possible to conduct a video conference while on the move.

The iBusiness 2.0 also integrates a stylish 15.2” TFT display monitor at the headliner, the incorporated standard screen located at the rear of the front seat can be used to watch TV using DVBT. USB ports can also be found at the back compartment so that users can connect various USB supported multimedia equipments like flash drives and digital cameras. The Brabus console hides and stores the iPad 2 securely when not in use and the batteries are being recharged in the docking station.

The rear passengers can easily use the curtains for added privacy; these are power operated and perfectly match the interior of the luxury vehicle. An illuminated logo of Brabus can be found at the scuff plates while the steering wheel is ergonomically designed to create a more sporty and distinct look. If you’re into maritime appeal you can also take advantage of the Brabus Yachting package and transform your S-Class into a miniature sports boat with the entire wood trim interior that provides the nautical feeling.

All the current Mercedes S models from S350 to S65 fit the iBusiness 2.0 system from Brabus. The S600 which is a 12 cylinder model on the other hand needs to be improved using Brabus 800-V12 engine in order to fit the multimedia enhancement. With this upgraded biturbo engine, the S600 model will be called Brabus 800 models and will simply become the fastest moving office today.


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