BMW M3: Interesting Design with Quality Features

August 28th, 2013 Uncategorized

People still cannot think about the touring version of the BMW M3. Beside Sedans, Bavarians can be fitted to make an expansion in M3 range.  This range can be known as convertible and coupe.
There was an announcement by BMW last week about the M4. This will be portrayed as a concept in the wonderful location named as Quail in Pebble beach in the city of California. M3 Gran Turismo has been rendered by Theophilus Chin, which is really very interesting. If you have not seen the concept cars previously, you may feel it’s a bit awkward.
Features of the vehicle
This vehicle has many features. Some of the features revealed include bigger alloy made wheels, carbon brake associated with gold calipers, quality wheel arches. The vehicle runs really well with a multi turbo variance of straight six engines with 420 HP.
Doubt remains with the purchase decision
The manufacturer is still not sure whether people would purchase a hatchback with 420 HP. The analysts have a strong doubt as it is a car made for various utility purposes, rather a fire breaking monster will rarely be accepted by the mass. The vehicle has an extra legroom in the back as well as at the front side.
There was a taller suspension of 3er GT just from the beginning. It is also having a softer setup. Thus, people can easily handle it like a mini SUV. Many people cannot even be in a position to believe that BMW can ever make the softest version of a car.
Design of the vehicle
Apparently, the vehicle will be less stretched than its previous version. It has an elegant design. Today, many people are having a sparkling interest towards the M cars. This is one of the aggressive designs created by the BMW car manufacturing company to impress the crowd.


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