2013 AMG Mercedes G-Series Truck: A Monster That Will Catch Your Heart

August 15th, 2012 Uncategorized

Ultimately designed for rough terrains the G-series easily runs in the muddy or rocky roads and one can smoothly cruise the rough environment without the fear of breaking their most prized vehicle. Its powerful engine works fast and the high quality transmission does its job fairly well. With its powerful motor and breathtaking exterior, no one will dare say that the AMG Mercedes-Benz G63 and G550 truck models are meant for old school.

Although there’s already a platform on hand, the brilliant minds from Mercedes continuously strive hard to create better features that exceed the current versions. Though some may wonder how people afford such vehicles despite the 6-figure cost, the idea of driving these ultimate trucks is simply hard to ignore. Really, who can resist its ultra capable V8 engine or the smooth truck doors that are sturdy as vaults? It may seem like luxury but to enthusiast and vehicle aficionados owning this power truck is simply too hard to resist.


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